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Founded in 1996, Script International is here for those that are striving for a more successful business. For the past 20 years we have worked on projects in over 30 countries, across four continents from highly sophisticated markets to emerging markets as well. Our clients range from major OEMs to privately held companies, those that are seeking growth opportunities and those that are trying to improve sales and manage cash flow. Our highly entrepreneurial team is a forced multiplier in leading your business towards better margins, greater productivity and increased profits. We have multi-language capabilities and boots on the ground from California to Brazil. Strategy is nice but without implementation yields nothing.   
Let's face it, whether you’re a manufacturer, a dealer or an independent service company, the stakes are higher today than ever before. With the competition from global companies ramping up, the fight for channel control is growing. Regardless of your industry, disruption is taking place all around you. You can either be a disruptor or be disrupted! Economic uncertainty, mergers and acquisitions, government regulation, family succession planning…it all puts pressure on your business. Speed and agility are required to stay ahead in the future. Customers want quality, at an affordable price, and convenience. Future success requires asking the right questions, identifying the right channels, and implementing sustainable processes. Script International has uncommon vision, experienced leadership and proven processes. Let's get to work.

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Our Process

The first step in getting started with any client requires a preliminary interview done with strict confidentiality. During this discussion we’re trying to understand the client’s real pain point along with what future success looks like. We hope to find common core values with our clients which are high levels of trust and a healthy work environment. We are seasoned enough to know that we can’t help everyone. We will make every effort to evaluate your situation and politely recuse ourselves if we can’t add real value. Be assured that once we mutually agree to move forward, we are full throttle…time is money! 
The next step is to develop a baseline of your company to assess the current operational and financial foundation that you’ve established. This management review is about your entire enterprise including your people, your business culture, your products and services along with your internal processes. We’ll get a better understanding of your recent operational and financial results and analyze this information to identify trends that are occurring within the business. Once the baseline has been established (SWOT analysis) then we move ahead to a gap analysis identifying what is missing in each area of the business that will potentially handicap the efforts for change and growth. Our gap analysis will be followed by a recommendation to address the deficiencies. Now that we have a foundation established, Script will help craft the future vision of the company or business initiative so this can be accurately communicated throughout the company. Remember it takes VISION plus STRATEGY plus RESOURCES plus ABILITY plus MOTIVATION to achieve successful change.
After the vision has been created, we need to check internal alignment to make sure everyone in the organization understands the objectives and is pulling in the same direction. The next step is defining the strategy to achieve the stated vision along with a project plan for managing the change and establishing accountability throughout the organization. Hopefully you can now appreciate the need for an experienced consultancy group that can actually implement the SCRIPT.
OEM's Distributors

Success begins with Channel Strategy. 
We have nearly two decades of market experience in over thirty countries and 
four continents, specializing in emerging markets and rental channel strategies. Script International has the experience 
and connections to assist with Business Development. 
Dealer - Rental Companies

There are a variety of reasons that dealers struggle with GPM and why rental companies struggle with fleet utilization. Script International has proven experience 
in running a dealership and growing profitable rental companies. We drive profit margins through top line revenues and driving down costs. 
Marketing & Sales

Script International LLC has years of experience and contacts within the industry both domestically and internationally. We are always on the lookout for products and services that will make our industry better. We have programs to help fast track the marketing of your products and services to leaders in the industry.
Privately Held Companies

Our experts have lived the experience of the family owned or closely held business. We understand the challenges and preparation required for break-out growth and ownership transition from one generation to another. We have experienced cash flow issues and sometimes failure as well. We get it. Put our experience to work for you.

Let's Get to Work!

Strategies from a global perspective and
implementation with front-line experience.

Our Team

Our Services

Business Development
Whether you are taking new products into an existing market or existing products into a new market, Script International has over 100 years of combined experience to profitably deliver results to...
Project Implementation
Having an vision is one thing, implementing it is another. Script International is able to resource the implementation team to complete your strategic vision. Our consultants have years of experience working with corporate oversight, while leading projects that require...
Process Improvement
Staffing reductions during the last few years have deteriorated customer service levels and it is unlikely that prior employment levels will return, which means the work needs to be done differently. Let the professionals from Script International guide you through...
Employee Training
Your employee’s are the face and the core of your company, they need to reflect that. Script has delivered training programs and led general industry training for national trade associations. We can deliver customizable...

Our Latest Blogs

By Staff Writer 09 Sep, 2016
The equipment industry is a capital intensive business and the threshold for entry continues to rise. You need a location, you need inventory, you need people, you need marketing, you need transportation, you need technology, etc. Now that you’re in business, you need to generate Gross Profit Margin to pay your bills. Not all of your revenue streams have the same yield. At the end of the month, it is the mix of revenues that you generated that tells the story, not the top line revenues. 

According to AED 2015 survey statistics, the average dealer has a blended GPM of 20.5% while in contrast the high performing dealers have a 24.1% GPM. That my friend is a 20% difference! Don’t think for a minute that those dealers are able to sell machines, parts and service at 20% higher margins…they can’t. The secret is the way they approach rental, not only in fleet size and capital commitment, but also in their diligence to keep the fleet highly utilized. 

Someone in your organization should be monitoring the revenue mix and the margins being created and engineer your way to better profitability. You actually do have control over the products and services you offer and it needs to not only serve the local market, but make sense from a financial perspective. Don’t take on lines of equipment or services that will use a disproportional amount of resources and not ADD to your Gross Profit Margin.
By Staff Writer 09 Sep, 2016
As a business owner I have had those nights when I couldn’t sleep due to tight finances and wondering how I was going to make payroll on Friday. During this same time, my sales staff and managers were getting a great night’s sleep because they were not directly connected to the cash flow or net profit of the business. So the disconnect is the “offense” of the company does not feel the same pressures that the business owner does and if they did feel pressure, they might be inclined to offer innovative ways to drive revenue or reduce expenses.

Solution – get your management team and sales force directly tied to desired results. I am NOT talking about “bonuses” based on if we hit targets, I’m talking about having part of their normal compensation i.e. (salary, commission, performance bonus) to be “at risk”. I have found that if you modify the compensation plan to put 30% - 40% of their total compensation at risk, they pay attention better and are more inclined to offer innovative ideas, answer the phone after 5:00PM and do a better job prospecting. As a business owner you MUST have everyone engaged and focused on successful outcomes.
By Staff Writer 09 Sep, 2016
When working with a new client that has a rental fleet, the question will inevitably surface “How hard is the fleet actually working?” Most owners and fleet managers can’t answer that question. They are measuring rental revenues; they might be measuring financial utilization (annual fleet revenue / original fleet cost) or they might be measuring gross profit from the rental department. Having sold two rental companies in my experience and working on a couple of due diligence teams, the question that a prospective buyer wants to know, “Could we get more revenue from the same fleet of equipment?”. Then they want to know how sustainable is the revenue stream being created by the rental fleet before
we need to make reinvestment?”

You should be able to answer those two questions as well. You are the investor. Don’t get caught up in measurements that are not true indicators of how your portfolio of rental equipment is really doing. Some measurements are appropriate for daily and weekly performance indicators, some are more appropriate for monthly or annual evaluation and others speak to investment performance.
By Staff Writer 02 Sep, 2016
Since the recent recession starting back in 2007, most businesses have less personnel today than before. With the economic climate still being a bit suspect, these same companies are reluctant to return to the prior staffing levels. This puts customer service levels at risk due to fewer people trying to do all the prior workflow. In most cases speed and accuracy suffer as a result, or in best case scenario the demand on current staff is not sustainable. This leads to poor customer service and creates an issue with customer retention. Solution – Now is the time to invest in technology! Most companies have not spent any significant money on technology over the last decade, and yet the tools that are now available to operate our business and interact with our customers has never been better. Technology will enable much better workflow, and position you for scalable growth with minimum staffing increases. This is where the competitive edge is going to come from in the future. Make sure you are planning on investing in technology in 2017. Start planning your best investment in your business right now.
By Staff Writer 02 Sep, 2016
In the consultancy businesses we see all types of companies, large and small, start-ups and those that are decades old. One of the most common issues that is facing business owners today is the complacency factor. Many of our clients started a business with strong entrepreneurial spirit, took the plunge, accepted the financial risk and have battled their way to a very attractive lifestyle for themselves and their immediate family. What’s wrong with that? Nothing really, except in most cases it is not sustainable for many different reasons. The most glaring is the fact that when the owner is not focused on growing the business, then the resource commitment (people and money) are not priority. This doesn’t bode well for employees that are seeking career opportunities. As soon as your “A” level employees realize that the business is really in a “cruise” mode rather than focused on profitability and future growth, this usually means their earnings potential is capped. Then the question becomes, your comfortable lifestyle versus the hard work and capital commitment to grow the business. When you choose you…the “A” team will leave and you will only have the “B and C” players, who will not challenge anything within the organization, status quo is fine and are glad to have a job. This will create a negative company culture and is not sustainable in the future. Don’t be a settler.  

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