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Business Development

Profitability and growing market shares are the overarching elements of any business development strategy. A good strategy requires market knowledge, industry experience, and information on your intended target. Whether you are taking new products into an existing market or existing products into a new market, Script International has over 100 years of combined experience to profitably deliver results to major OEM's and their dealer networks. Our experience in global markets confirm that regardless of the language being spoken, the basic needs of a contractor are the same.

Project Implementation

Having a vision is one thing, implementing it is another. 
Script International is able to resource the implementation team to complete your strategic vision. Our consultants have years of experience working with corporate oversight, while leading projects that require real leadership and experience. We can ramp up the manpower that is required to initiate the project while putting in place the monitoring controls for on-going corporate oversight. We have can also provide the on-going staffing requirements when economic conditions are constraining.

Process Improvement

In today's market, there is virtually no enterprise that was spared from the economic crash. Staffing cuts, stock falls, and bankruptcy destroyed markets across the globe. No one was exempt from the need to reengineer how they work. Staffing reductions during the last few years have deteriorated customer service levels and it is unlikely that prior employment levels will return, which means the work needs to be done differently. Let the professionals from Script International guide you through the process of gaining efficiency in your operations while improving your overall customer service.

Employee Training

After the vision and the strategy, the most important aspect of a successful business is employee training. Your employee’s are the face and the core of your company, they need to reflect that. Script has delivered training programs and led general industry training for national trade associations. We can deliver customizable content that will help educate your employees and would be appropriate for e-learning environments. With over 30 years in the construction equipment rental industry we have written the "Script" for employee training materials.

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